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Why choose SafTDek fall protection system to keep your technicians safe?

We go the extra mile to solve safety challenges, stand for quality, and provide tailored solutions backed by engineering design.  We are trusted leaders in safety who offer exception customer service, world-class engineering support, and premiere manufacturing resources.

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Mounting Brackets

Curb mounting brackets are designed for new build applications where tubing support brackets are built into the curb wall for easier installation and design coordination.  Base rail mounting brackets are designed for quick and simple retrofitting applications where tubing support brackets are not available.


Fall Protection Anchor Points

Removing a condenser fan guard creates an unprotected side or edge.  Four D-shackles, rated at 5,000 lbs each, are mounted strategically on top off each of the four SafTDek vertical uprights.  The D-shackles serve as fall protection anchor points for connection of a personal fall arrest system.


Easy Installation

SafTDek is perfect for both new construction and retrofits - wherever you need a safety solution that works to keep technicians safe.   Our custom solutions can be installed with the use of ladders and basic hand tools.  We provide custom shop drawings for each unique assembly and each part.

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